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Airself Overview

The Airself application allows your compatible smartphone to broadcast live video, two way audio and GPS Location from anywhere using its inbuilt camera, microphone/ speakers and GPS receiver. Airself also allows you to monitor other streaming devices on your MRS network from your smartphone at the same time. Airself live streams can be monitored from any location globally using the MRS software suite, via PCs/ laptops/ smart phones/ tablets.

The Airself application provides personnel in the field such as: policemen, fire fighters, security guards and others, with a live streaming solution for ultimate mobility. The visual point of view of personnel in the field can be monitored live from any remote location. Track the location of multiple personnel with Airself Smart phones via GPS (running in the background of the smart phone) and stream video/ audio when needed. The Airself GPS feature continuously transmits (in the background of the phone) the GPS coordinates to the MRS server, even if the application is not open on the phone.

Please note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life of your smart phone. Therefore, the background GPS feature can be disabled if you wish to save battery life.

The Airself application is compatable with iPhones and Android Phones.
For more information about Airself for iOS click here.
For more information about Airself for Android click here.

Airself Features

Smart Phone Streaming Solution

Airself enables live streaming from your compatible smart phone with ease and complete mobility. Airself is designed for live streaming via personnel in the field.


Airself allows you to live stream video through the rear camera or front facing camera of your smart phone.

Two way audio

Airself supports two way VOIP (Audio In/Out streaming) using the microphone and speakers of your smart phone, which enables voice communications between the phone and any connected PC/ Laptop/ Smart phone.

Video Compression

The system uses a high performance DSP based video CODEC (H.264), allowing you to stream live video at the highest available quality over wireless mobile networks (low latency).

GPS Tracking

Using the built-in GPS Receiver of your smart phone, Airself provides accurate GPS co-ordinates which can be tracked from any location.


Airself live streams can be recorded remotely on the server, or from any location gloabally using MRS monitoring clients (PC's, Laptops, smart phones) via the internet.

MRS Software Suite

The MRS Software Suite is an advanced complete software solution comprising of server/ client/ configuration programs for setting up, configuring, monitoring and controlling MRS devices live from any location around the world. The monitoring application (MRS Monitor) combines video, audio and GPS streaming in one user friendly application. Some of its features and capabilities include:

  • Clean, simple, user friendly layout
  • Live video/ Audio/ GPS streaming
  • Split screen on PC/Laptop (up to 20 channels per
  • Remote video bit rate/ frame rate/ resolution settings
  • Remote Audio settings control
  • Remote device settings control
  • Remote video/audio/GPS recording
  • GPS tracking with multiple features
  • Multiple alarm functions
  • Alarm trigger actions and settings control
  • Permission and acess level controls for units/ clients
  • PTZ camera control and much more!

Server Based Architecture

This architecture is based on a server with a fixed IP address. Multiple units can communicate with the server as well as multiple clients. All clients are connected to the server only and have viewing and control capabilities.