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Before reading these troubleshooting guides, it is advised to download our product user manuals from the downloads area. Our product manuals contain all the primary information you will need to setup your device and understand it's features.

We are always in the process of fixing bugs, adding features and making our programs more user-friendly. If you encounter any difficulty or you do not have access to a feature that you need, please download the latest versions of the MRS software (Server, Monitor, Device Configuration).

If the solutions that have been offered in these troubleshooting guides do not manage to solve your problem, please contact us via e-mail at: info@infodraw.com, with explicit information about the difficulty you have encountered. Also, if it is a connection problem, attach the device critical log which is available from the MRS Device Configuration program, in the Debug menu.

For troubleshooting guides and frequently asked questions, please choose from the left hand side menu.

Common Help

Below is common help for all of our products.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)