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Infodraw SDK

Infodraw SDK provides quick and easy integration with other control center software. It supports the following methods:

ActiveXEmbedding live video and audio inside an MS Windows Application.
Adobe Flash VideoEmbedding live video and audio inside a website.
RTP/RTSPStreaming to an NVR.
.Net CLISend commands and receive notification inside a .Net MS Windows Application.

DocumentShort Description
  MRS interfaces for other applications Pull RTP/RTSP stream from the server.
Pull device information in XML from the server.
Pull a live video stream for Adobe Flash Player.
Send PTZ Commands, Send Text Messages (SMS).
  MRS ActiveX Control Embed a live MRS Video and Audio Player inside a Windows Application.
  MRS SDK for .NET Applications
  MRS .NET Monitor Example Project
Receive event and location notifications inside a Windows .Net Application.